College and Career Fair

College and Career Fair - 2014

School hosted college and career fair on November 5.

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College and Career Fair - 2014

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Message from Principal

Dear Families and Students of Futures High School,

First of all, I wanted to remind you about our school mission that is a true living statement that candidly reflects what we are about:

A dedicated and highly qualified faculty will provide Futures students with an excellent, standards-based education that will prepare them for the rigor of the university and the competition of the workplace in a global environment. Our students will be taught about the history and culture of their home countries, as well as the rich diversity and varied experiences of all who have come to the United States. Futures High School students will take ownership of their education, be responsible in their behavior and virtuous in their character, make healthy choices in respect to their bodies and minds, and take pride in, and participate actively in all aspects of school life.

We are proudly serving our community in North Highlands and Sacramento areas. This year we continue to grow and refine our educational program. With successful first year implementation of the Project Lead The Way engineering and science program, we are underway to add another class to help students advance to yet another exiting journey towards their dreams and goals. Last year we added enriching electives and Advanced Placement classes to our curriculum to provide students with engaging and meaningful opportunities. This year we are committed to continue expanding and improving our offerings so the students have a unique and rewarding experience during their high school years and are ready to take upon the challenges of the modern world.

We hope that you find this website useful in obtaining information about our school, schedules, educational program, links, and contact information. You are always welcome to contact our staff via e-mail or stop by our office.

Good luck to you and thank you for being part of our Futures family!


Nataliya Burko

Our Students


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